Performance Samples grew from years of iterative private orchestral/choral sample development; an exploration of how session configuration and post-production processes can nurture musical nuance within sampling.

The culmination: commercial libraries along the lines of what has worked in private development.

The aim: expressive & energetic instruments unconfined by technical propriety. Heart and character in a decidedly function>form presentation. Clean samples, comprehensive patch lists, fancy GUIs, and other elements of tradition are not part of the picture here.

The methodology: performance-sourced and non-standard techniques for enhanced expression and energy in the realm of creative notation, musician selection, performance styles, recording environment, post-pro processes, and programming.

“Oceania is not only very well recorded but it is surprisingly versatile.  It has the most natural sounding Marcato choir patch I’ve ever used.”
– Jacob Shea, Composer (Planet Earth II)