Featuring Capellen Orchestra

Caspian is a thematic orchestral brass library. Featuring an all-in-one patch approach similar to Performance Samples’ flagship product Oceania, Caspian uses performance/repetition sampling and creative release techniques to capture the samples in motion and provide a reactive and playable experience.

  • Three individual sections: 6 french horns, 3 trumpets, and 3 bass trombones
  • Three dynamic layers (two on french horns), from moderately soft to FFF
  • Attacks and releases derived from performance phrases
  • Short, fast-tongued release samples which react to note length
  • Up to 5 RR releases on trumpets
  • Featuring Capellen Orchestra
  • Recorded in an ambient hall* with close, decca, and wide mic positions
  • 48kHz / 24bit
  • NCW-compressed, ~1.16 GB total
  • Built for Kontakt 5.5.1 and above – full, retail version of Kontakt required
  • Download and watermarking via Continuata

* the same hall as Fluid Shorts

Patch Delay

Set your track delays to -80 ms, so you can quantize your MIDI and it will be on the beat. The 80 ms delay figure is based on the delay of the close mic.

Patch List

  • Caspian – Six French Horns.nki
  • Caspian – Three Bass Trombones.nki
  • Caspian – Three Trumpets.nki

Instrument Ranges (MIDI)

  • 6 French Horns – C1-F4
  • 3 Trumpets – E2-C#5
  • 3 Bass Trombones – D0-B3

Library Limitations

  • When you first load patches, you may find the sustains are soft while the releases are loud. Simply wiggle the mod wheel (CC1) to align them.
  • There is some level of ambience-bleed / “bump” on the attacks and releases if you’re using mostly ambient mics (the decca and wide mics). This can be alleviated by using more close mics, which should give you a more responsive sound.
  • Short and dirty loops on some of the lower range material.
  • Some noises.
  • Logic Users – please see the appropriate tab.

Logic Users

Posted as of release day. This library can cause CPU spikes with Logic, although this seems to be alleviated when running the library in Vienna Ensemble PRO. The CPU spikes appear to happen when Logic is in “realtime mode” while one is playing in a figure / has a track armed. Caspian should be avoided if you are a Logic user who doesn’t use Vienna Ensemble PRO.

At this point, there are no plans for a fix, considering the complexity of the patches and testing so far.